Friday, August 31, 2012

In this moment

I am enjoying this time frame that I am in. Nothing is going horribly wrong, my hair is cooperating, most of these final classes are interesting and inspiring, and the weather is gorgeous. 

I just purchased some new beads, finally, and so I'm very excited to get to work on some jewelry and such as well as some shoots I have planned that are coming up. 

I'm still in a surreal moment that this week was my last first week of school. Ever. If I ever ended up in graduate school, you'll know I must've had a lobotomy. It's just not tempting to me.

 These last couple of years I felt like a high schooler trapped in a college student's body, but as of a few weeks ago, my brain has finally got with the program. I still look several years younger than I am, but my brain actually realizes that I am the age that I am. 

Hope you enjoyed my litte update on the fly!

Love, love

Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Terrariums

As an RA of a building of female apartments, I was trying to think of some type of housewarming gift to give my residents. I had a budget of $1.50 per resident and there are 20 girls living in my building, so my budget was pretty limited.

Someone let me and my ARA, Kathleen, use 7 of their bowls for this project and so we were really happy we didn't have to spend any money on them, but just an fyi, I did see bowls like this at the dollar store.

We filled the bottom of the bowls with moss that we got from Michael's. Actually everything except the bowls came from Michaels. (They have some great sales let me tell ya.)

Then we put in some pretty colored rocks we bought (We just liked the blues and pinks that were in them) and clipped off a sprig of the flower branch we bought.

And then we put in the pretty bird that just melted our hearts.

And we came in under budget! Which left us with some spare cash to make a few other things for their doors and the community bulletin boards. So happy with how they turned out.

Lately I've been checking girls into their rooms, getting my apartment set up, interviewing for jobs, putting my syllabi in order, and trying to get rid of this cough that I've had for 3 weeks now. Goodness, It's going to be a busy senior year!

Love, love

Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Beaded 'n' Braided Headband

Look at that! My first DIY in a while. :)

Yesterday I was packing, and decided to take a break and do something more fun. I've had these beads since I was like 13 and I've been looking for ways to get rid of them for a long time now. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

I tied severa strands of stretchy string and started stringing beads and braiding!

Then I just knotted the two together at the back of my head and cut the extra off.

Here's me packing. I'm a sweaty mess. Tomorrow I'm moving into my new apartment for the year! So exciting.

Love, love

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last week of internship

Oh. My. Gosh. So much has happened since I last posted! I went on vacation to the lovely Charleston area. Surfed, swam, and hid under the umbrella. Then I drove to Pa to be in my dear friend Courtney's wedding! I had such a fun time seeing my friends and celebrating the happy union! 

Well, this week I've been finishing up my internship. Crazy to think it's my last week, huh? I have learned so much and really appreciate Hallie for letting me work with her this summer and mentoring me. 

As my last big assignment, Hallie wanted me to plan an entire creative shoot, taking care of hair and makeup, location, reservations, model, etc. And I was to shoot it myself. This was such an exciting shoot because I got to do whatever I wanted with it!

So I planned a shoot, and since models are hard to come by, my sister volunteered. Hallie was my assistant, and it was very strange to have the roles reversed for the day!

Here is a glimpse of the shoot. I'll be posting more after I finish the set. Hope you it!

Love, love