Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Storms

It's kind of a dreary day outside, but I'm not letting the weather determine my mood because I had a wonderful afternoon thrifting with two very dear friends. This picture is literally taken a few minutes before I was out the door. Note my crazy hair. The beast didn't want to be tamed today. Oh well, I'm letting it do what it wants because I'm trying to get it back to a healthy state. I've abused it for years with flat irons and curling irons and adding blonde streaks here and there.

My thrifting outfit. Still not used to taking pictures of myself. Hence me hiding behind my hair.

Jewelry & Jeans: Forever 21, Top: Mandee, Shoes: thrifted

Last night I bought those cute wedges I'm wearing. I've been a thrifting machine these past 2 days! Last night I found a dress as well, and today I scored 2 skirts, a dress, and two cardigans. One skirt was Urban Outfitters and still had the tag on it. I think it is now one of my favorite skirts.

Now it's off to homework. I have a website to code, my typography video to finish, and a paper to write. You jealous yet?

Love, love

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heart of Glitter Headband DIY

I'm a pretty big fan of headbands and hair accessories. I was also in a glittery mood and this is what I came up with!

First I cut out a paper heart to use as a stencil. 

Then I cut the felt heart out and covered it in glue.

After the glue was spread over the heart, I dumped glitter all over it. (That was the fun part! =] )

I shook the extra glitter off the heart and took it outside to spray with a clear coat of paint.

After it dried, I trimmed the edges and glued it to a headband.

My weekend has officially started! I really like having no classes on Fridays. They are my days to catch up on schoolwork and relax. What are your plans this weekend?

Love, love

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo Illustration: Video Games

As promised, here is a photo illustration I did. I took a picture of my boyfriend in the studio and then I created a digital version of him for the "video game character."

I'm loving that I'm getting back into illustrating. I'm relearning everything, and also learning the right way to do certain things.

I love feedback, so if any you have any helpful criticism to share, I'd be glad to hear it!

Love, love

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Blues

Sorry for my lack up updates! Life had been crazier than words can explain. The good news is, school ends in a little over 5 weeks and then I can start my internship! I'm interning with a lovely photographer that I'm sure I'll post more about as the summer goes on. Her work is so adorable.

Also, I have some lovely DIYs that I'm laying out for you all. Not to mention I'm working on some photo illustrations and a typography videos which will be up shortly. In the past 2 days I've spent 25 hours working with After Effects. I WILL master that program.

So there is an update of my life. Also I'm making a blog schedule. Hopefully that will help me be more regular in my posts!

Love, love

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabric Covered Cork Board DIY

This DIY is just a little something I did to add a little bit of change to my living space. I have some square cork boards and they were just a little too boring for the room that they were in. So I covered them in fabric.

It's nothing too special, just a quick little way to brighten up plain cork board!

I pinned it in place while I was gluing the other sides of the board to the fabric.

Just a little quick tip!

So I'm seeing the hunger games tomorrow with some people, but I've never read the books. I'm not sure what I'm getting into! How did you guys like the movie? Will I understand it if I haven't read it yet?

Love, love

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Ritas!

So yesterday was free Ritas day in honor of the first day of spring! Every year my friends and I go Ritas hopping to see how many we can get. This year me, my boyfriend, my cousin and another friend went. We drove to 3 different places, but only stopped to get italian ice at 2 places because the line at one place was like a mile long.

Don't make fun of me, but I got the same flavor twice. haha Ok in all honesty, every time I go to Ritas, they never have my favorite flavor. It always happens that the only time I'm there when they have it is on the first day of spring. I'm just in love with the Birthday cake flavor! =]

So here are some pictures of that lovely day. And I noticed afterwards there were none of me. Fail. Oh well!

The handsome guy in the green is mine. =]

These were the clouds out that day! The colors are so beautiful, I didn't even edit it.

So happy Spring is here!

Love, love

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ready for Spring

The sun and warmth today was absolutely wonderful! In fact, it was so wonderful, I didn't even worry about schoolwork that was due! By that I mean I still was conscious of it and did my homework, I just didn't stress over it.

Unfortunately I don't have a mixed-media for you today. :( I'm kind of really upset about that, but I have to code a website, study for a quiz, and do a take-home midterm tonight, so my schedule wouldn't be too happy if I added another thing.

So here is what I wore on this fine almost-spring day.

skirt: thrifted, shirt: unknown (forever 21 I think) shoes: thrifted (originally from Target)

And some lovely buds on a tree that I couldn't help but take a picture of outside my dorm.

Hope the weather is treating you all as well as it is treating me!

Love, love

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summary of Spring Break

Well spring break is almost at an end. This is my last day to enjoy zero pressures of homework and college stress.

Let me sum up my spring break for you. I went to a few interviews for internships, had an unexpected trip to the doctor's, did some reading, slept in and...

ate this wonderful homemade pizza my mom and I made:

took this chica out for her 21st birthday. (No drinks for me though):

enjoyed beautiful foggy sunrises:

and visited cousins, neighbors, and friends. =]

I also gained back all the weight I lost this past semester at school. I'm very happy about that! I also ordered a dress from Amazon that I'm really excited about and it's waiting for me back at school.

Today's schedule: cleaning and packing, going to my sister's art show, doing my taxes, and eating out with the family.

How did you spend your spring breaks? Or for those of you not in college, did you do anything exciting this week?

Love, love

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Once Tied, Always Tied

So here's the thing, I like tying bows around my ponytail, but they almost never turn out the way I want them to, or if they do, it's just a one time thing. So here's what I decided to do:

I used a ribbon that had two sides sewn together and strung a wire through it. If you don't have one like that, you can sew two together or sew two long pieces of fabric together.

Then I tied a bow and made sure end was double as long as the other.

Sewed the other edge together.

Put a ponytail in my hair.

And then wrapped the extra long side around the ponytail and then let the ribbon fall down symmetrically to the other side.

Now I never have to tie the bow again! I hope some of you guys find this helpful too!

I'm very happy, my first internship interview went very well! I'm looking forward to the other 2 that I have tomorrow. Wish me luck! =]

Love, love

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mixed-Media Monday: March

I figured I'd do one pertaining to something specifically March related. So here is, In like a lion, out like a lamb.

I've been enjoying my spring break very much! And the weather has been just perfect. =]

Love, love

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birdies and Spring

Oh how I enjoy the sunshine. It doesn't matter how cold it is, if there's sunshine, I'm alright.

It's spring break and I've returned home to celebrate it! Unfortunately that means colder weather than college, but the sun was out today and our deck was radiating the heat! Since there was sun out and spring was in the air, I decided to wear my birdie dress. I hope you love it as much as I do. =]

My sister took this for me since I left my tripod at school. =]

Aaand here's me goofing off....kind of. 

Dress: H&M, Tights: Unknown, Shoes: Thrifted (originally from Target)

Anyways, I have a last minute online Midterm to do, so I better get back to it! Hope your weekend has been great!

Love, love

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bedroom Bunting

I love bunting. My friend gave me tiny triangles of paper and I really wanted to make bunting with them!

Glue gun time! =]

It's little and cute. Maybe like me? hehe

So happy it's Spring Break!!!

Love, love

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keeping Your Shoes Fresh

            Let's get real. Our shoes don't always receive the best treatment. Don't get me wrong, I love my shoes and try to keep them in the best condition, but sometimes my feet themselves aren't nice to my shoes.

            My feet like to sweat. I try to wear socks, stockings, or foot liners with most of my shoes, but sometimes I don't. So in order to prevent my shoes from getting sweaty and developing a distinct odor we all know and love,  I use this nice product my mom taught me to use growing up. Baby powder.

            Honestly, it works wonders. Before and after I wear my shoes without socks, I dust the insides with baby powder. It soaks up everything and keep the odor away! Try it and see for yourself.

Anyways I just figured I would share that with you guys! I'm getting ready for spring break so I've been pretty busy with midterms, projects, and papers, but I can't wait for the week off!

Love, love

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mixed-Media Monday

Today is my third Mixed-Media Monday. To be honest, I didn't think I was actually going to post something every week, but I like the extra challenge every week to create something other than designs for school. It doesn't matter if each week isn't spectacular, it's just to keep the creative juices flowing.

This week's is a combination of a picture I took in Central Park of some people on a lake, and a stock image of the atmosphere.

I figured I'd add some comedy seeing as how it's midterm season and we all need something to make us smile.

Love, love

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday fun: Painting Tea Cups

This Friday I drove up to New England to surprise visit my little sister on her birthday. She had no idea. When I drove to her school to pick her up, she just stared at my car with her mouth open. Then she couldn't stop smiling. It was the cutest.

So we painted tea cups, made food and desserts, and had a jolly old time. It even snowed!

Here are the tea cups we made:

And the birthday girl. =]

She made polka dots.

Mine was more abstract. 

I painted color randomly over the gold.

And then painted gold over the color so it peaked through.

Then we laid the cups out upside down on some paper, and sprayed it with a clear coat so that the paint wouldn't come off whenever we washed the cups.

Final outcome of mine:

Love, love