Saturday, November 12, 2011

I tried my hand at painting.

I haven't painted a picture since I was in middle school I think. In the past several years I've stuck mostly to drawing with my graphite pencils or digital forms of art. But I saw the paint someone gave me in my drawer and thought, what the hey, I could make a variation of this.

To give it a nice texture I painted on a book page. (I kind of like using book pages in case you haven't noticed)

I saw a cute print of a girl and used that as the inspiration for the object of my painting. I drew the skeleton with a regular pencil.

Then I just started painting colors and making it come to life!

I might cut it out and paste it somewhere fun.

Go easy on me, it was my first painting since middle school! =] 



  1. You're still hot! ;)

  2. It looks adorable!!!


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