Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thrift Savvy

If anyone knows me, they know I like to thrift. Recently I spent 2 hours in a single thrift store. Why? Because there were too many good bargains to pass up. 

Being a low-budget senior in college, I don't have the luxury of buying brand new designer dresses whenever it strikes my fancy. But, on occasion, I do find a great designer dress at a consignment shop and finds like those get me so excited, making me feel like I just won the jackpot.

Second hand stores also are places clothes go when their owners don't want to put effort into keeping them in great condition. Like this shirt below. Cute right?

Well this little shirt here had one small problem.

It had a hole in it. I knew I could fix it easily, so I kept it in my "to buy" pile. When I got to the register, I decided to ask them if they had a discount they could give me since it was ripped. Sure enough they did. A whooping 50% off discount. So I paid a little over a dollar for this shirt.

It took me about 3 minutes to sew up the hole and now no one can even recognize where it previously was.

It doesn't hurt to ask for a discount! I also got this skirt that day too.

Love, love


  1. I LOVE the pattern on your top and your red skirt is sooooo pretty!! xo

  2. i really need to be better about asking for discounts. i always chicken out. not anymore. definitely worth saving the money ;)
    xo TJ


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