Sunday, September 29, 2013

The beauty product no one realizes they own

First let me say that this post is not sponsored. I authentically love this stuff and wanted to share how it has helped me.

Ok then. Now, I recently saw an article on Vaseline (or Petroleum Jelly, whatever floats your boat) and all the wonderful things it can do for you. Some of them I already knew. Like, putting it on your hands and feet and covering them overnight will make them softer. Others, I was skeptical of. So, like the great scientist my 12 year old self aspired to be, I did my own experimenting with it, and my sister joined in on it. We haven't gotten around to testing all of them yet, because some of them we have no interest in, but there are quite a few we did test and not all of them will make this blog post, mostly because we won't end up using all of them on a regular basis.

First one we tried: Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow. My sister smothered her eyelashes with this stuff with her finger and I used an old mascara brush that I cleaned off and applied Vaseline to. Olivia's lashes ended up thicker but the same length as they originally were and mine grew longer but retained their original thickness. So even though we both had different results, our lashes ended up better than they were before.

Second one we tried: Helps your scent stick around. Olivia tried this one, and she said her perfume definitely stayed with her longer.

Third: To remove last night's makeup. This does work. But let me warn you, if you take off your makeup with Vaseline and then try to redo your makeup afterwards, make sure you use a tissue to wipe off all of the Vaseline or else the new makeup you just put on will start sliding off. ;)

P.s. It removes lipstick really well too.

Fourth: Hide split ends. While this doesn't fix the problem of split ends (and it never claimed to do so) it does mask the problem. Which is great because I have a lot of them and when I straighten my hair, you can see them. Not any more! But when you do apply it to your dead ends, don't glob it on or else you will look like you haven't showered in a month!

Fifth: Lubricates ear lobes and helps make earring insertion easy and painless. My sister's ear lobes are sensitive to certain kinds of metals, so she wanted to see if putting Vaseline on the earrings would help because then she could buy any earrings she wanted. She was super happy that her ears weren't irritated by the metal with the Vaseline on it!

The article also said that Vaseline doesn't clog pores, and so I've been using it all over my face to keep it soft and so far no places I've put it have broken out with acne.

Our next one we are going to put to the test is putting Vaseline on the edges of the pumpkins we carve to make them last longer. I hope it works!

Love, love

As a side note: dabbing this stuff inside my nose during the dry seasons helps me avoid unfortunate nosebleeds. :)

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  1. Katie I love this post! Like your sister, my ears are SUPER sensitive to earrings if they're not pure silver or gold. I'll be sure to try that trick! Thanks for posting!


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