Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recycled Scarf

Someone gave me this old skirt suit made of lace material and since it didn't go with anything I owned, I decided to make something out of it. This is what I used part of the top part of the suit. The skirt I'll tear apart at a later date.

I saw a scarf made of lace and material, and this is my variation of it.

I cut a rectangle of this lace shirt, and long rectangle of the other fabric I wanted to use.

In the original scarf I saw, the creator cut a strip of lace the equal width of the other fabric. I decided not to do this because I wanted my scarf to have clean lines and not have to worry about seeing where the lace meets the scarf material.

So I folded my long rectangle in half and created seams on all the sides that were cut. Then I inserted my lace inside the ends of each side of the rectangle.

And here is the finished scarf.

Today's tea is Moroccan Mint.

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  1. awe this is so cute Katie! : )


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