Thursday, December 29, 2011

Attempting Festive Nails

    Currently I'm sitting in bed typing and eating cookie dough. It's been a very unproductive day, as the only thing I did was paint my nails. I figured I'd take some pictures. Why not, right? I was trying to paint my nails all pretty before all the New Years parties, but they didn't come out as spectacular as I hoped. So I redid them and painted them a bit more simply. I'm posting the ones that came out well, and a picture of my first attempt. =]

If you can't tell, I'm an Essie nail polish fan. 

I saw tape used for straight lines when painting nails (here) and I find it works really well. However, you have to make sure the surface is even, so use the side of the cut piece of tape, and make sure it's pressed down on the entire nail.

And below is my failed first attempt. I kind of want to try to do it again. I used toothpicks to draw the lines and dots.

Anyways, just a quick hello and pictures of what I did today.

Love love,


  1. These look awesome. What colors of Essie are those?

  2. Thanks! The Essie colors in the first picture are Turquoise & Caicos, Cocktail Bling, Bangle Jangle, and School of Hard Rocks. The other two are not Essie, the blue one is from Forever 21 and it's Baby blue, and the other purple one is Sally Hansen calles Lacey Lilac. =]

  3. Thanks for telling me. I've been wanting to get Cocktail Bling but I can't find it anywhere. So maybe I'll look for another of those pretty blues :)


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