Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glitter headband DIY

Hey guys! Here is my glittery accessory that I made for one of my best friends' bachelorette party!

I wanted to have a sparkly headband so I went to the dollar store, picked up this little headband and an assortment of glitter. I didn't want a thin headband but having a big headband would've been obnoxious, so this little guy was perfect.

Then I used mod podge to cover the headband with glue to hold the glitter.

After it had dried, I sprayed the top of the headband with a lot of hairspray so that the sparkles wouldn't go anywhere. So far it has lasted pretty well! It has survived travel, being dropped, etc, and it still is fully covered in sparkles!

I'll be back tomorrow to post some of the videos and photo sessions I've been working on! (They are already done, so I have no excuse not to post them!)

Love, love


  1. Perfect amount of sparkles! This looks great and it's fab that you're creating your own hair accessories! x

  2. Oh my, this is so sweet!

  3. Such an adorable DIY!! Following your blog now :)



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