Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Could Always Use a Pop of Color

Winter can be so monochromatic. It just seems like everything in the winter looses its color, even things that aren't outside. I can see why so many people get depressed during the wintertime. So I decided to make something with a pop of color.

I used some green watercolor paint from the dollar store and mixed it with water inside the glass bottle. Then made some flowers like I showed you here and put them inside of the bottle and then added a little ribbon.

How was your Christmas? Mine was lovely. We stretched out the festivities all day and had a lot of fun hanging out together and enjoyed people's reactions to what they opened. And I might have eaten WAY too much food but hey, it's Christmas! I can eat as much as I want, right?

Anyways, I'm so happy to be back regularly updating the blog. It feels good! If you have any blog post requests I'd love to make it happen!

Love, love

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