Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Page Flower

Two posts ago I had a picture of paper flowers I had made for my kitchen and someone asked me to do a tutorial for them so here it is! =] 

It literally took me five minutes to make this flower. That's how easy it is!

P.S. I was tagged in a couple blog posts to answer some questions and I'll do that next post! =]

You just need a stick, a couple book pages, scissors, and glue.

I crinkled and smashed up the pages for a while so that they weren't so stiff and to give them some texture.

Then I cut out petals in the shape of hearts (kinda).

I glued two together and cut another single (not heart) petal so there were five base petals.

Then I just kept cutting smaller and smaller hearts; glueing in each layer at a time.

Then when I've made three or four layers of petals, I crinkle just a tiny scrap of paper into a ball and glue it in the center.

When the flower is done I cut a rectangle of paper out, glued the stick on to the back, and glued the piece of paper over the stick.

Here's the one I made today and the one from the other post in my kitchen.

Love love,


  1. i always think these are the cutest things. great tutorial girl!
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks for posting this! I cant believe its that easy. I just need to find a book that I dont really care for so I can start cutting!

  3. So many great ideas on your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine, if you liked it maybe you should follow it, we could follow each other!



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