Monday, January 23, 2012

Fabric Book Cover

This year one of my new things I'm trying is keeping a planner with me at all times. I bought a very boring an small one from Michaels for like a dollar and I decided I wanted to spruce it up and make it cute.

I cut a large square around the book so there was enough fabric to fold over the insides.

Out of that square I cut this H shape (sort of) so there wasn't extra fabric to be folded in.

Then I started folding the top flaps in and gluing them into place.

And the sides.

On the front side, before I folded the flaps in, I sewed the flowers on. My friend gave me these crocheted flowers she found at a store. So cute!

Then I just folded the rest in!

And part of me made it in this post. haha

How was your weekend everyone?

Love, love


  1. Ooh, that's a really sweet idea :) And I love your nails! ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  2. Aww, that is super duper cute & that is definitely a great way to save $10 from just buying a fancy notebook. I love how the book cover matches your nails quite nicely too! I hate how bookstores tend to overprice their nice notepads, it's really ridiculous..

    Jo Bao ♥

  3. Thanks! It was pure coincidence that my nails match the fabric. =] And I agree, I hate overpriced items.

  4. This is so clever! I have a lot of old books tht could use som spiffing up.

  5. This turned out so cute!!! Th planner I'm using now is so dull and boring, I just might have to try this!

  6. Great idea! I get one from my office every year, but it's lame and boring, so I'm definitely doing this. I even have some leftover fabric from a project. Thanks!!



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