Friday, January 6, 2012

A little project tour

I'm back in my apartment and figured I'd snap a few shots of some decorations in my abode.

 I got embroidery frames at a flea market and since these are everywhere nowadays, I decided to make some too! They're so simple, and yet one of my favorite decorations.

This garland is composed of paper shapes, bows, and book page fans I glued to some twine for my kitchen.

In the photo on the left, I just rolled up some book pages and tied twine around them to make baby scrolls. The other picture is paper flowers glued to a twig in an old wine bottle. I crinkled the book pages to give them some texture.

And last is another garland for my living room shelf with some paper feathers tied to the end of it with some wooden beads and twine.

Hope the holidays treated you all well! I'm back to reality and getting ready to hit the books again!

Love love,


  1. I just love the paper flowers you created. Did you ever do a tutorial on how to create them? I'll to search your blog for one :)

  2. Oh! This is just lovely! That garland is so pretty.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog too! :)

  3. Please let me know when you post the tutorial! I want to learn how to make those. I live in West Hartford year round :) What about you?

  4. your embroidery hoops look lovely! I never thought to use lace but it works wonderfully. I may have to consider reworking one of my own.

    i also really like the rolled up paper in the jar. so simple.

  5. i absolutely love what you've done with the embroidery hoops!
    they're so cute.


  6. I love the embroidery hoops! If you can be bothered to have a look back through my blog (I know I can't to find you the link) I made some of these myself for my bedroom wall, but I mixed them up with regular photographs and framed postcards. I also really love your little garland, I might have to try making something similar to that myself!

    P.S. Your blog is beautiful. Really, really beautiful :) x


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