Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Early Bird Catches the Sunrise

So last night I got this crazy idea that I should go watch the sun rise above the ocean in the morning. At 4am I woke up and immediately realized that I should have planned to see the sunrise earlier, and not at midnight so that I would've gotten more sleep. Anyways, I drove down to the coast where my cousins live and we went to this scenic place next to a gorgeous hotel and we waited for the sun. 

At first we were confused where it was because it was so cloudy out, but eventually the bright glowing orange ball in the sky gave it away. It remained fairly cloudy (and extremely chilly I might add) but it was still a very pretty Sunrise. :)

This was my favorite shot.

Love, love


  1. Very pretty. I would love to see a sunrise. I just wish it didnt rise so early ;)


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