Friday, May 11, 2012

You Made What From a Glove?

It's the weekend everybody! Well, as soon as 5:30 (or whenever you get off work) rolls around. Happy Friday!

I'm off to a Mothers Day outreach my church is holding at a local school. But this morning I was playing around with a bunch of little things I have in my craft box and I stumbled upon this glove and I wanted to make something out of all the pretty lace that it was made of. 

This is what the glove looked like before

Then I cut off the hand and the lace at the bottom and then cut it in half length wise and glued the ends together.

I used it to style my hair two ways, tied around my pony tail, and around my head.

 Like my earrings? I got them c/o Barberry & Lace. =)

Hope you all are doing something special to celebrate Mothers Day!

Love, love


  1. Hey Kate! The earrings look FANTASTIC on you... wonderful color choice!! :)

  2. Crazy Cat Lady CourtneyMay 11, 2012 at 5:04 PM

    Katie, I'm pretty sure that you could make anything cute at this point. Oh, and as always, you're hot. :P haha

  3. oh, i love it!! how creative!
    xo TJ


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