Saturday, August 17, 2013

Introvert Problems

This week has been exhausting for me. As an introvert, I don't exactly like being the center of attention and when I'm thrown into new social environments, it takes everything in me to be bubbly and outgoing. For the record, I love hanging out with people, I love making new friends, but I don't like being the center of attention, I won't fight for that attention, and I most definitely need time by myself every day to recharge.

Anyways, back to my week. This week I had 4 interviews, 7 if you include phone interviews. One of these interviews was a group interview for a retail store. Let's talk about group interviews for a second. You have to fight your way to get attention and say the right thing before someone else does. You have to try to outshine everyone else quicker than anyone in the group. Putting an introvert into this kind of environment is like holding a runner back for a few seconds after the gun has gone off. You have to work that much harder to impress them and do well. At my last retail store, I was a great sales associate. I knew my products and I would make conversation with the customers about their lives and always had a smile on. I'm just not good with interviews because I don't like cutting in before other people and I don't enjoy "bragging" about myself. At my retail job, I worked almost 40 hours every week and it still wasn't exhausting as these interviews were.

After every interview, I literally sat in my car for a while so I could enjoy not having to impress anyone. And when I got home, I'd reward myself with some froyo. yumm!

Here's to hoping I will be employed soon! :) (p.s. I have a photo session tomorrow! So excited people I don't know are starting to book me!)

Say hello to Mr. Sheep. He appears to be afraid.

I'm excited to knit. I bought some new yarn and I'm ready to go!

Love, love


  1. Group interviews sound so horrible :( Hopefully you'll get hired!! :3


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