Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keeping Your Shoes Fresh

            Let's get real. Our shoes don't always receive the best treatment. Don't get me wrong, I love my shoes and try to keep them in the best condition, but sometimes my feet themselves aren't nice to my shoes.

            My feet like to sweat. I try to wear socks, stockings, or foot liners with most of my shoes, but sometimes I don't. So in order to prevent my shoes from getting sweaty and developing a distinct odor we all know and love,  I use this nice product my mom taught me to use growing up. Baby powder.

            Honestly, it works wonders. Before and after I wear my shoes without socks, I dust the insides with baby powder. It soaks up everything and keep the odor away! Try it and see for yourself.

Anyways I just figured I would share that with you guys! I'm getting ready for spring break so I've been pretty busy with midterms, projects, and papers, but I can't wait for the week off!

Love, love


  1. thats a great tip. I will have to try this once the weather starts to warm up and I can stop wearing socks with all my shoes.

  2. I do this simple trick too. =3 I normally wear some sort of sock or tights, but a couple pairs of my shoes just don't work or look right with them, thus I must go sock-less. No one likes sweaty feet, so baby powder is my best friend during warmer weather.
    Baby powder is especially great for shoes with leather 'insides,' considering moisture is the enemy to such material.

  3. One nice thing about not wearing socks is the look is much better and you don't need to purchase socks. Also, when traveling, you don't need to pack them; thus, taking up room in your bags. I also use baby power also to keep the sweaty feeling away most of the time. Some of my heavier shoes like Doc Martins, the talc sometimes is not enough. During a brake, I sometimes slightly remove my shoes for a few minutes. This helps too dry things out much quicker.


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