Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday fun: Painting Tea Cups

This Friday I drove up to New England to surprise visit my little sister on her birthday. She had no idea. When I drove to her school to pick her up, she just stared at my car with her mouth open. Then she couldn't stop smiling. It was the cutest.

So we painted tea cups, made food and desserts, and had a jolly old time. It even snowed!

Here are the tea cups we made:

And the birthday girl. =]

She made polka dots.

Mine was more abstract. 

I painted color randomly over the gold.

And then painted gold over the color so it peaked through.

Then we laid the cups out upside down on some paper, and sprayed it with a clear coat so that the paint wouldn't come off whenever we washed the cups.

Final outcome of mine:

Love, love



  1. you are so crative Katie :) love all the stuff on here.

  2. you are such a sweet big sister.


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