Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick Shoe Fix

So here is my story. This morning I had an outfit picked out and I really wanted to wear this one pair of shoes. I took my shoes out of their plastic holder on the back of my door, and the rubber outline of the shoes had turned yellow some how! I ran around looking for bleach but didn't have any, so I decided to paint them!

I took a lot of pictures today for a stop motion video I'm making. Since I was in a picture mood I decided to take this photo of myself with the shadows from the window.

So I'm so excited for this weekend. Tomorrow I leave bright and early to drive down to the PennDel youth convention to run cameras with an awesome crew! This will be my second convention I've attended as part of the technical crew! Those guys are the greatest and I love working with them. I have just been getting so many opportunities since I've been at school and I'm so happy that God has given them to me. In high school I was really introverted and didn't put myself out there, but since I've been at college I've been taking more opportunities and going after things that I think I might like.

You never know until you try, and I'm so happy that I'm not going to leave this school with regret that I didn't do enough or take the opportunities that were given to me.

Hope your Easter weekends are simply wonderful!

Love, love

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  1. Well that is a clever idea. I would have never thought of that on the fly like you. Have fun at the convention.


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